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Knitting Help

How do I....?
Do you have a problem with a Make One Left increase or need to pick up a dropped stitch?

Then you have come to the right place.

We are pleased to offer you some help videos that will simply explain and show you how to.....
Increase stitches
*Make One Left (M1L)
*Make One Right (M1R)
*Knit in the front and back (Kf&b)
Decrease stitches
  • Knit two together (k2tog)
  • Purl two together (p2tog)
  • Slip, slip knit (ssk)
  • Slip, slip, purl (ssp)
We have included several help videos that go beyond these basics.
They include how to:
  • Pick up a dropped stitch
  • Wrap and Turn
  • Un-Knit
  • Knit with Beads

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